Burning Man - Electric-Renaissance 2016 - #erbm2016


Keith „Easy“ Muscutt: 

Explores the jungles of Peru for pre-Columbian ruins  (Learn more) which he documents with camera and pen.  „I’ve been a member of 2-Lanterns Camp since 2007 (Camp).

Burning Man is the antidote to the Amazon, where I re-connect with my own tribe. With this project I’m returning to my roots making multi-media art and paying homage to a source inspiration.“

Steve “Night-Rider” Ornellas: 33 years supervising the wood fabrication shop for the UCSC science programs, designing and building scientific apparatus, clean rooms, laser labs, green houses, dark rooms, wet labs, and field equipment.

Richard Peifer:  THEConstructor / Santa Cruz -California

Jason Guy: Desert rat, Light sculptor and Burner since ’04; with fascinations in symmetry, geometry, tiling, evolution, robotics and electronics as well as ancient & maritime histories. (Instagram)

Joslyn Schott:  Chef, Nevada/California/Cologne –

Bodo Jülicher: Architect from Cologne, Germany.

 juelicher (at)

Paulina Kuper: Psychologist from Cologne, Germany

Jakub Sztur: Architect from Aachen, Germany. / Instagram:


Sean Pace:  Maker:  Link

Andrzej Sztur(Andi aka. Sunny An Di):

Economist from Aachen, Germany.(Born in Cracow Poland)

Media Manager/ Something with Internet

Ask for warm beer !

Andi (at)