About Us

- This is what we are -

In the beginning:

Together we hatched a plan to make an installation on the Playa based on the proposition: What if the Cadillacs of the iconic art installation Cadillac Ranch, ten Cadillacs buried nose down by Ant Farm in Texas in 1974, re-emerged, nose up on the Playa? And what if the Cadillacs had magically been transformed into zero-emissions vehicles?


We brainstormed in camp at Burning Man in 2015, made lots of drawings of a variety of hybrids and e-vehicles, like these:



The Story so far

Perhaps inevitably we eventually settled on the most iconic modern equivalent to, as well as the antithesis of the Cadillac — the Tesla.  We approached Ant Farm with our idea and they gave us permission to create an installation based on Cadillac Ranch.  Thank-you Ant Farm!

And, to challenge ourselves to get our act together, we applied for sponsorship from Burning Man Arts.  Burning Man Arts have offered us a $5,000 grant towards our expenses.

Thank you Burning Man!  Now we’re really stoked about getting done in time, with all the help we can muster from you, the rest of our friends.

So, imagine that the ten gas-guzzling, gross-polluting Cadillacs of “Cadillac Ranch” have burrowed through the earth and are re- emerging as zero-emissions vehicles from the Playa. It would look something like this:

What’s next

That’s if we had about $250,000 to build it. And we will one day, although not in time for BM 2016. So, more modestly, we will invoke the same concept with one, or if we can afford it ten replicas, looking more like this.

So what is our goal ?



And we would love to build a premium one !